Taking advantage of Facebook Ads To Grow Your Magneto Online Store

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If you sell a physical product, information product or offer a service, you know one of the largest obstacles in ecommerce is finding the right clients. 

A local business who would like to target men in their 20’s interested in personal fitness within a 5 mile radius, comes up against the same challenges a consultant who is available to work globally, wishing to target business owners will face. One practical and inexpensive solution to this is utilizing Facebook Ads.

Since their rollout a few years ago, Facebook ads have been enormously popular and provided an excellent return on investment. Let’s take a closer look at what options are available and how you can best use them to market your products and services.

Finding Your Perfect Customer

Perfect_CustomerJust like working with our Brisbane agency specialising in Magento ecommerce, helped you to create the perfect Magento online store, Facebook ads offer excellent options to help you find the perfect target market. They offer information on customer shopping habits, purchases and browser history. You can find out public data such as life events and relationship status’s and use these are part of your campaign to find your customer base. You can also look at income levels and even create mirror campaigns based off of industry leaders in your field.

Are Engagement Ads, Mobile App Ads and Sponsored Posts and Worth The Investment?

The cost to get started is nominal, with ads starting at $5 USD per day and reaching as many as 1500 customers. At this price point, businesses can afford to tweak their marketing until they have a formula that works well. Here are some other benefits of using the various ad platforms.

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Mobile App Ads

Absolutely. Developers who invested in Mobile App Ads have found users spend over 4x as much on in-app purchases offered when they were acquired via Facebook Mobile Ads. A Mobile App Ad is an ad that specifically market apps with a goal of downloading the app or signing up or a product website, such as creating an account for an online shopping app.

Engagement Ads

Engagement Ads can be created for multi-purpose goals. Getting more clicks and Likes on your company page, funnelling clients to your website and acquiring customer information to be added to newsletters are just a few of the ways businesses are using the ads.

Sponsored Posts

If your Magneto online store already has a blog setup, boosting your post to reach your customer base who has already liked your company Facebook page can drive more traffic. You can also target future customers who will find your content informative.

Tracking Your Progress

Engagement, clicks and sales can all be tracked via Facebooks Ads Management platform letting you, the business owner see how well your ads are doing. Our eCommerce websites brisbane experts can help you to integrate analytics and explain options your current store may already have to track progress.

Are you looking for the best ways to market your Magneto online store? Have any questions about the best way to get your products in front of the most customers? Contact Alinga e-commerce, we specialise in ecommerce websites brisbane and we would love to learn more about what your services are and come up with solutions to help you have the best website possible to help you with your goals.

Source : https://www.alingaecommerce.com.au/news/61/74/Taking-advantage-of-Facebook-Ads-To-Grow-Your-Magneto-Online-Store

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